A biogas example showing an agricultural anaerobic digestion facility.

Exploring Biogas Examples: Learn How Organic Waste Can Fuel Energy Production

In this article we are exploring biogas examples read on and learn how organic waste can fuel energy. Production Biogas is a type of gas that comes from rotting stuff like leftover food and animal poo. People make it by letting these things break down without any air around. It’s mostly made of two gases […]

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Brownfield site remediation in progress

Green Energy from Brownfield Developments and Food Waste: A Sustainable Solution

Green energy from brownfield developments and food waste is a novel idea for an innovative and extremely sustainable alternative. Read on, and we will explain why. Climate change is an undeniable reality, with severe impacts on ecosystems and weather patterns, affecting coral reefs and bee populations, to name just two of the innumerable negative impacts, […]

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Image with the text: "Is Methane a Greenhouse Gas?"

Is Methane a Greenhouse Gas? – A Crucial Player in Climate Fight

We answer the question: “Is Methane a Greenhouse Gas?” and we explain why it is a Crucial Player in the fight against climate change. Methane is a greenhouse gas, as we shall discuss, but it is also a major contributor to climate change and a critical opportunity for rapid decarbonization in the fight against runaway […]

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Image with the text: "The Anaerobic Digestion Process and Dairy Farm Digesters."

The Anaerobic Digestion Process & Dairy Farm Digesters for Manure

The subject of the anaerobic digestion process and dairy farm digesters for manure management might seem a bizarre subject for this website. But this topic, while still new to most people, is about to become a mainstream business for thousands of astute dairy farmers in the US. The fact is that many investors are looking […]

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mage text: "Anaerobic digestion systems the best renewable transition tech".

Anaerobic Digester Systems the Best Renewable Transition Technology

Anaerobic Digester Systems: are among the best Renewable Transition Technologies available. Anaerobic digester systems are a green technique to break down organic waste. They achieve this without the need for oxygen, making them far less expensive to maintain and operate than aerobic systems, which require energy-sucking, high-powered oxygenation equipment to function at all. Furthermore, these […]

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