What Is Money? – Geopolitical Implications On Gold

Today we want to speak with you about what money is, and the current geopolitical implications on holding gold. You may not know it yet but, that tenner in your back-pocket comes with a lot of baggage.

On one side it states, I promise to pay the bearer as needed the amount of ten pounds. However 10 pounds of what!? There is more to all this than 99% of the population have ever thought about.

If you want to manage you wealth wisely one of the things you should be doing is to re-take control of your money. A basic understanding of what money is an essential part of that. That should open up your mind. It should bring a new clarity to understanding the risks of holding currency For many people our recommendations will make a great deal of sense. So, let’s start.

What is money?

what is money

We now reside in an age of fiat money. Fiat indicating “by decree of the government”.

In other words, the political leaders and their central lenders decide what’s money, how much of it there is, and who gets how much of it.

This normally means political leaders and their monetary henchmen can develop hare brained plans like the euro, zero percent rate of interest, and quantitative easing (QE).

The history of fiat money is a miserable one. Let me give you a few words to give you a flavour for what we are talking about here:

“Hyperinflation, money printing, depressions, rate of interest so rapid it becomes impossible to read it before it rises even further, debasement and monetary mismanagement, simply to point out a couple of episodes.”

When you offer a political leader control of something, it’s just a matter of time before they filth it up in some way. And when they muck up our money, they muck up our whole economy with it.

A lot of individuals have an underlying sense right now that something is just “wrong” with their money.

If you’re one of them, you’re right!

The world of “money” is like an alternate truth. Very little makes sense for the man on the street. Due to the fact that political leaders merely decide what’s what.

There are obviously options to fiat money. The government doesn’t need to remain in control in the way it is now. Very few individuals understand these alternatives.

This is something you should care deeply about. I have actually spent the last decade of my life revealing to personal investors how to start taking charge of their own monetary fates.

It’s a subject that Nigel is very passionate about too. He has actually taken this battle up on your behalf. And not in a theoretical way. He’s gone to fantastic lengths to do something about it.

Nigel has employed an investor he trusts– a guy with an excellent history of revealing the man on the street how to find success on the stock exchange.

This previous banking expert has actually developed a wealth-building plan that you can get your hands on TODAY. It contains three vital money moves that he believes you should seriously consider.

To get the full details on what Nigel’s laid on for you– and how to get your wealth-building blueprint …

Which consists of the smartest way to own gold (according to Nigel’s ‘guy on the within’) …

Not so long back, the word “cash” indicated physical gold.

As just recently as 1970, gold itself was still money. And that kept political leaders in check. They could not just print gold willy nilly to finance their deficits. And bad economic policies, such as too much government costs, meant gold left the country till an embarrassing crisis struck.

Having gold as money keeps political leaders liable to something really genuine and measurable, which they can’t manipulate. That’s why government debt exploded after the 1970s when the last link to gold was lost. Ever since federal governments and central lenders have actually remained in complete control.

Benefits of Holding Gold

Gold has been used since the 13th century in Europe as a medium of exchange, and now that pure gold is available, it is becoming increasingly popular among investors as a store of value. It has also played a minor role since then but is gaining some steam.

One of the problems with buying gold coins is that you need to buy multiple coins. This is a problem because if you have some loose change you would like to use to buy something else, you don’t want to buy the gold coin for that item. But if you have some coins you feel are worth something and are going to buy, you might buy a 100 coin bars, because you can.

You can buy Gold coins or bars from many places, and you can also use various dealers to buy gold. Your first choice would be to buy gold bullion from your bank. The bank is an official dealer of the precious metal. In addition, the gold dealer will have some items in the market that will attract your attention, like Gold bullion and coins.

Some people prefer to purchase Gold coins from online traders that are reputable with in the market, or from dealers who are known to offer good values.

There are also other ways to purchase Gold coins. You can look for Gold bars which can be purchased for a low price, or you can do your research and find the Gold bars for sale by their metal content.

Another way to purchase Gold coins is in the form of bars of 24 carats, 72 carats or 98 carats. Each of these carats is equal to 3.29 grams of gold. This is a bar of gold equal to 1,000 ounces at $10/ounce.

If you purchase Gold coins, you also get the Certificate of Bar Existence with your purchase. It will say where the bar of gold was produced and if it was mined in a legal manner, and also how many ounces were in the bar. It may be an official government bar of gold but it could also just be some guy in a bar.

The bar should also have a lot of assay values like purity, spot price, original cost and what kind of certificate it was. These values are important for you to see what the bar is actually worth.

If you would like to purchase gold bars, you can also look for certified dealers and they will let you know how much gold they have to sell to buy the bar.

There are also gold ETFs that can help if you do not want to deal with buying gold bars.

So if you want to buy Gold coins and you do not know how much gold you have in your account, you can go online to find the Gold bars and see these values. They will tell you how much gold is in the bar and where it was mined.

There are many ways to get Gold coins and if you are a beginning investor it is best to do your research to find out which way are you most likely to profit.

Why are we examining all this today?

For a basic reason. Political horning in the money supply is back, larger than ever. There’s even broach negative rates of interest in the UK. What does that indicate?

The bank would charge you money on your cost savings! Some currently do in Europe.

I think it’s time for you to act versus these hazards. However how?

Well, do not invest your time awaiting the government to go back on to the gold standard! Regardless of Nigel’s attempt to stop him, Chancellor Gordon Brown offered a good piece of Britain’s gold (at a shamefully low price) years ago.

Fortunately is, you can take action yourself, as an individual.

How to create your own “gold requirement”

By going on to your own individual gold standard, you can get the advantages of monetary stability, even if the federal government isn’t providing them.

All you require to do to state your own personal gold requirement is own some physical gold. It’s that easy.

Why trouble? What’s the effect of this?

Well, the gold price has actually been doing better than every other kind of investment.

Over the last 20 years, it has exceeded the stockmarket comfortably. You don’t hear many financial experts speak about this because … well, there’s no little fee to collect on it.

Of course, gold does not always surpass. Here’s what I desire to emphasise.

Gold gives your wealth the stability of gold, just as gold utilized to lend its stability to the value of our currency. Think of owning some gold in your portfolio as laying a foundation for everything else.

The basic idea is easy. While the value of your assets might go up, down, or both in time, the gold you own probably won’t be doing anything especially interesting.

Wealth for all seasons

Banking crisis? Your gold won’t care because it’s not in a bank.

High inflation? Your gold will simply go up in value to change for the falling value of money.

Currency crisis? The UK gold price will increase as much as the pound goes down.

Negative rates of interest? Gold isn’t subject to such rubbish. The gold price should benefit as more people leave the banking system for the security of gold.

Gold is simply gold. It’s dull, most of the time, however, that’s the point. It’s an opt-out from the machinations of the fiat monetary system. It’s politics-proof. It provides you with the flexibility to get away the government’s mad schemes.

However simply how steady is the gold price over extended periods of time?

Half a millennium of wealth protection

In 2016 BullionStar did the maths for the preceding 500 years. It concluded that gold’s purchasing power is volatile in the short-term, however extremely steady over the long term:

[…] while there is no precise continuous in economics, the stability of gold’s purchasing power is extraordinary. Not only on a gold requirement the metal shows it’s constant nature but also off the gold basic gold’s buying power is incredibly constant, albeit more unpredictable in the short term.

This is in plain contrast to the fiat money system, which has crashed in value in time. About 300 years ago, the gold price set by Sir Isaac Newton as Master of the Mint was about ₤ 4.30. Today, the gold price is around ₤ 1414.

In case you do not think inflation statistics returning 500 years, like me, consider this comparison from Doug Casey of Casey Research in 2009.

He utilizes US dollars and silver instead of gold for a few of the analysis due to the fact that it was the currency for typical use, historically speaking. The extraordinary stability of both over long durations of time is apparent:

Gold’s main purpose is to maintain your purchasing power. Whether it be roaring inflation, or dollar debasement, or economic upheaval, or out-of-control government costs, it has been the absolute finest form of protection throughout the history of humanity. And I can prove it.

Let’s trace what an ounce of silver or gold — true money — has had the ability to acquire at various durations in history, and how it compares to today.

1979: Gold’s typical price that year was $306.68. This bought an average-priced full-size bed.

Thirty years later on, $950 would still purchase you a full-size bed.

1963: A gallon of fuel in America cost 31 cents. This indicated that 3 silver cents could purchase a gallon of gasoline. The overall weight of silver in 3 silver dimes is.217 of an ounce.

Today, 3 silver dimes would buy a gallon of gasoline anywhere in the U.S.

600 AD: In the Middle East, a chicken at the time of Mohammad would cost a family one silver Dirham (3 grams).

Today, 1,400 years later on, a chicken in the Middle East would still cost a household one silver Dirham.

Time of Christ: Under the Roman Empire, an ounce of gold bought a Roman person his toga (suit), a leather belt, and a set of sandals.

Today, one ounce of gold will still purchase a man a fit, a leather belt, and a set of shoes.

400 BC: Some scholars report that during the reign of King Nebuchadnezzar, an ounce of gold bought 350 loaves of bread.

Today, an ounce of gold still purchases about 350 loaves ($950 divided by 350 = $2.73/ loaf).

1000 BC: King Solomon was known to have actually purchased lots of horses for his army. Historical records show he bought them in Egypt for 150 shekels of silver each. 150 shekels had to do with 55 troy ounces of silver.

Today, you can still purchase a riding horse for 55 troy ounces of silver ($800).

Nowadays, gold and silver prices are higher than they remained in 2009 when that short article was composed. That shows the short-term volatility of the gold and silver price can be essential too. A lot of inflation has actually happened since 2009 too …

As I see it, gold is like insurance against insurance coverage megalomaniacs financial the Bank of England and Exchequer. Its function is to assist you to sleep during the night, even when your other investments are bouncing around all over the place or while the economy is going haywire. And to safeguard you from the long-lasting debasement of the pound– better known as inflation.

If you have not currently, it’s time to declare your own personal gold standard. We reveal you how to buy gold and the do’s and do not’s, here in your complimentary report on the topic.

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