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Can Cold Exposure Improve Sleep?

Can cold improve sleep? Most individuals understand the importance of a good night’s sleep for general health and wellness. They also understand that excellent sleep hygiene might help them sleep faster and better. Avoiding computer time before bedtime, limiting alcohol and caffeine use, and receiving lots of natural light instead of artificial light during the…

The Link Between Allergies And Ear Issues

The Link Between Allergies And Ear Issues The Link Between Allergies And Ear Issues: Allergies and ear problems are frequently linked, as allergies can cause many ear problems. Otitis medium with effusion (OME), popularly known as “glue ear,” is the most prevalent ear ailment associated with allergies. This is a syndrome in which fluid accumulates…

Covid-19 And Hearing Impairment

Covid-19 And Hearing Impairment According to studies, rapid hearing loss following infection or vaccination is conceivable but uncommon. COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, has been associated with various long-term consequences, including heart and lung damage and neurological issues. New research is now looking into whether coronavirus infection or vaccination might cause hearing loss. Hearing loss…

Why Is Your Phone Harming Your Brain?

Why your phone is damaging your brain Do you have a phone addiction? If this is the case, you are not alone. It’s challenging to go a day without utilizing some technological gadget in today’s environment. According to an app that measures phone usage, we look at our phones an average of 58 times daily….